Building & Development Fund

The SACS families have, over the years, been most generous in their support of the Building and Development Fund. These voluntary contributions have enabled the Schools to grow and to maintain outstanding facilities for our boys. This is a proud achievement in the present State School system, where financial support for schools such as SACS, has been almost totally withdrawn. Not only has this commitment by our parents been of enormous academic, cultural and sporting benefit to our boys, but it has also kept SACS one step ahead of its competitors. We need to remain a leading school not only in Cape Town, but also in South Africa! In order to achieve this, we do need all parents’ support.

Building Projects since 1989:

Set out below is a schedule of Projects undertaken since the inception of the Fund.  It goes to prove parents’ and Old Boys’ wholehearted appreciation of the necessity of our Building & Development Fund.

1989/91Old Boys’ Pavilion
1990/92Junior School Cultural Centre and Music Block
1994Classroom and Art Block – High School
1998/99Junior School Resources Centre
2001/2003High School Millennium Centre
2003/2004Hockey Astroturf
2004/2005Aquatic Centre and Electrical upgrade
2009Aquatic Centre Car Park Construction
2011Whiteford Cricket Pavilion
20124 Grade 1 Classrooms
2013Dean Street Palisade Fence
2014Refurbishment of the Grade 6 Block (old Dean Street Primary)
2017Main Street Palisade Fence
2021Refurbishment of Innovation Centre
2021Renovation of Junior School Sports Shop
2021Upgrade of Foundation Phase Playground
2021Grade One Precinct upgrade

Future Projects:

We urge parents to be part of the Building and Development Fund that is so crucial to the growth of our School’s facilities for the future of our boys. Your support will be valued greatly as we continue ‘Building for Life’.