Creative Arts

Creative Arts provides exposure to and study of a range of art forms including dance, drama, music, and visual arts. The purpose of Creative Arts is to develop learners as creative, imaginative individuals, with an appreciation of the arts. It also provides basic knowledge and skills to be able to participate in creative activities.

A safe and supportive environment is created for learners to explore, experience and express thoughts, ideas and concepts within an atmosphere of openness and acceptance. Creative Arts provides opportunities for learners to give expression to their feelings and understandings, individually and in collaboration with others. It creates a foundation for balanced, creative, cognitive, emotional and social development.

By the end of the Intermediate Phase Creative Arts, learners should have a basic knowledge and appreciation of all four art forms, and should be able to make an informed choice about the two art forms they would like to focus on during the Senior Phase. Creative Arts will be studied in two parallel and complementary streams – Visual Arts and Performing Arts (Dance, Drama, Music).

Visual Arts provides the learner with an opportunity to discover through play, while building on the skills and techniques that were mastered in the Foundation Phase. Visual Arts encourages an awareness of art elements and design principles found in the natural and the built environment, and enriches the learner’s personal experience ofthe world. Opportunities are provided for social, emotional and intellectual development, and through non-verbalexpression and the process of creating art, the learner comes to understand symbolic language. Visual Arts in the Intermediate Phase provides the learner with the opportunity to explore, and to make decisions about the choice of this discipline in the Senior Phase.

The three topics for Visual Arts are:

  1.  Visual literacy
  2.  Create in 2D
  3.  Create in 3D

Art at SACS is taught by two specialist Art teachers.  It is a respected and very enjoyable subject taken in all Grades.

The Art department gets heavily involved in set, backdrop and costume design whenever the school stages a production. The department also has an annual art exhibition in the school hall at which the creative efforts of every boy at the school is on display.