Art at SACS Junior is taught by two specialist Art teachers. It is a respected and very enjoyable subject, taken in all grades.

The Foundation Phase learners have an hour of art each week, during which they work to improve their visual awareness, fine motor skills, understanding of the basic elements and principles of art making and develop a general enjoyment and appreciation of art and creativity. This age group works quickly and enthusiastically, and delight in taking their art treasures home to show their families!

In the Senior Phase, the boys’ year is split into two halves and they have the opportunity to do both Art and Design Technology. Although this means less time in the art room, the system has the great benefit of shrinking class sizes to 12. This ensures them more individual attention in each lesson.

In senior art we concentrate on enhancing the boys’ existing art making knowledge and on fine tuning their art skills. The aim is not only to have fun, but to prepare the boys who will take art as a high school subject and give others a good art foundation for life.

The Art department gets heavily involved in set, backdrop and costume design whenever the school stages a production. The department also has an annual art exhibition in the school hall, at which the creative efforts of every boy at the school is on display.