We believe that SACS Junior has a duty to prepare its learners with the knowledge and skills to help manage our country’s resources wisely. Our action-based Environmental Policy aims to enable the School Community to develop a life ethic that values all people and the natural environment. In doing so, it promotes good habits and responsible behaviour patterns as the basis for sustainable living.

Environmental learning and action is actively promoted throughout the Phases and is integrated into the School’s Curriculum. Education for sustainable development should give learners a greater understanding of both natural and human systems through a range of immediate environmental experiences that engage their senses, emotions and thinking.

SACS Junior remains committed to ensuring that efforts for better environmental learning and action are sustained and become part of how schools are managed. The way the school environment is managed and maintained should provide an example to learners of how to respect and care for a building and its grounds.

Our Curriculum Plan continues to focus on four key areas, i.e. Resource use (with Recycling as an ongoing theme); Biodiversity (greening); Local and Global issues (Water Conservation) and Healthy Living (Outreach).