Art Club

SACS offers a number of art clubs, each tailored to a particular age group or interest. The Junior Art Club, for boys in the Foundation Phase, is held on a Tuesday after school. Mrs Bell and Ms Fischer make all sorts of beautiful art and crafts with a small group of keen boys. They learn to work with different art materials to those they work with during school art lessons and begin to express themselves beautifully.

Senior boys have Art Club on Thursdays after school with Mrs Devine. Senior Art Club provides a wonderful creative outlet for the boys and, as they tackle more advanced projects, affords them the opportunity to work with new materials in a very creative environment.

Art club is not a private extramural but does have a small materials levy each term.

Kids’ Clay is a private extramural at SACS, which offers a Junior and Senior class on Wednesdays and Thursdays respectively. With the emphasis on both fun and creativity, the boys learn a great deal and go home each week with all sorts of weird and wonderful creations!