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The Worldwide Brotherhood of Scouts is alive and very well at SACS and we are lucky enough to have our own Cub Pack, started some 55 years ago by Stanley Hunter, an old headmaster of the Junior School.  Originally, there were three Cub Packs (Glenn Hunters, Sunset Hunters and Dawn Hunters) and two Scout Troops (Montebello and Albion).  Sadly only Dawn Hunters has survived, but it is still a very vibrant Pack, with 34 lively boys, divided into five Sixes.

3rd Claremont (SACS) meets each Tuesday evening during term time.  Boys join Cubs at 7 years of age and immediately begin the climb up the Advancement ladder of learning as a Cub, working first towards their Caracal Badge and then progressing through Cheetah, as an 8 year old, Leopard at 9 years and finally on to Lion and Leaping Wolf badges as a 10 year old.  Boys leave as they approach 11 years old.  The programme is varied and the measure of assessment is the Cub’s best work.  Each week a meeting revolves around a theme, which guides the Advancement work and often motivates an Interest Badge, which the Cub can complete at home in his own time.  Each term we use a similar format to direct the planning and it incorporates any Advancement required in each age group along with a community Good Turn , a joint meeting with a local Scout Troop and either an outing or guest visit.  The variety of meeting ideas is endless and some of our themes have included a Swimming Interest Badge programme with an inter-Six gala and a water and sun protection safety course, first aid course, compass skills and mapping in Newlands forest with 1st Rosebank Scouts, fancy dress – “Creepy Crawlies” – as we investigated insects and little creatures, handcrafted gifts from recycled materials to give as Mother’s Day presents, a Fathers & Sons evening (which was wonderfully supported) and we our own “Junior Master Chef” cooking evening.  Once a year we go on an annual Cub camp weekend, which this year was at held in April at Zeekoevlei.  On the first night we slept in a boma in Rondevlei, walking into the reserve in our pyjamas as the sun went down and before the hippos came out and leaving the following morning with the sun rising high in the sky.  The Interest Badges we did over the weekend (around a theme of “Visiting Aliens – coming to learn how to save the planet”) were Birds, Fishes, Conservation, Skies, Drawing for the 8 and 9 year olds and Civil Emergency for the 10 year olds (a Leaping Wolf requirement).

The Cubbing programme is educational and in numerous ways supports the school academic programme.  The boys learn the play way and each meeting is like a birthday party, action and fun filled.  Even “tests” are fun activities.  Traditionally Cubs was from the age of 8 – 11 years old but this year saw the introduction of 7 year olds into the scheme as a way of promoting a stronger base from which to draw Scouts.  We have a waiting list full of young SACS boys wanting to join.  Entry into the Pack is as availability arises and the “dead man’s shoes” are hot!