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    21. 021 685 3865


Boys starting at SACS are requested come waterborne, so that right from their first swimming lesson in Grade 1 we can build on the basics and develop confident and competent swimmers. The motivational SACS Swimming Scheme encourages the boys in their first four years at SACS by promoting a variety of aquatic skills, developing the traditional racing strokes and encouraging general confidence in the water. The scheme is split into three badges with the first being earned in Grade 2 during the first term.

Extra-murally we encourage and offer swimming at different levels with “Improvers” primarily catering for the Foundation Phase, a “C” Squad for boys at an intermediate stage and “A” and “B” Squads for our team swimmers. The Foundation Phase, from Grade 2, has a special junior squad, commonly known as “Squid Squad”. In the extra-mural programme there are some 200 boys actively participating in swimming during each season.