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Headmaster’s Welcome

Five secrets formulate the essence that ensures success at SACS Junior School:

History – Steeped in time, space and pride as South Africa’s oldest school of 182 years, SACS achieves a dualism that welds the traditional, ‘back to basics’ philosophy with a progressive initiative to lead at the cutting edge of modern education. Core subject teaching supports the delivery of specialist subjects with the aim of establishing firm foundations in a variety of cognitive skills linked to the Thinking School philosophy. Boys engage in group and interactive learning within an environment where state-of-the-art facilities bring the world to the classroom via e-media. We live within the present – from the past – towards the future!

Holistic Education – Our main objective thrusts towards ‘Learning for Life’. A wide range of opportunities is offered across the Academic Curriculum and Extra Mural Programme respectively. Boys are urged to immerse themselves fully in both, trying out a range of options that may sow seeds to awaken that hidden talent or potential. Boys learn to challenge, are encouraged to build assurance in themselves and others, as well as to broaden their life path within the nurturing support systems of the School. The motifs of sharing, mutual respect and ‘carpe diem’ are symbolised through interactions and gestures within our daily life.

Maintaining the Balance – Sport, Academics, Culture and Social – an acronym forming ‘SACS’ – comprise four cornerstones upon which our Whole School Programme is founded. With ‘Academics’ as prime focus, a solid work ethic is essential. ‘Sport’, especially in the ‘team’ realm, allows for healthy development of individuality, camaraderie and a sporting attitude towards winning and losing. ‘Culture’ opens doors to the world of choral and instrumental music in addition to the visual and dramatic arts. ‘Social’ engenders a sense of respect for the self and fellow beings while support and empathy towards human rights are fundamental.

The Family Ethic – SACS depends wholeheartedly on the generous, volunteering spirit of our parents and staff whose teamwork is simply amazing! Our sturdy, three-way relationship places the boy at the apex of a triangle where parents and teachers interact with him as he reaches for his dreams. This base of support is the social glue that bonds us in a sense of ‘joie de vivre’, while investment in human capital takes care of the more serious side of ‘growing’ young boys! SACS parents are congenial, wholesome folk who pitch themselves unconditionally into the various volunteer structures at the School. A team of dedicated, dynamic teachers blends effectively with our loyal, skilled support staff. Another strong feature includes collective responsibility towards needy communities who receive support through our extensive Outreach Programme. This is where SACS families and staff provide sincere and sustained backing.

Proudly South African – SACS continues to strive towards her goal of growing diversity within South African society. Our multi-cultural, multi-faith approach embraces freedom of choice and entices cross-pollination amongst rich aspects of one another’s diversified cultural heritage. With such foundations laid by many of our forebears, SACS has collective accountability towards our nation’s growth. We wish for our School to produce future generations who will be well equipped and responsible for building a successful, democratic South Africa – a rare, precious gem of a country!

Headmaster: Mr FMJ Nel