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Music plays a major role in the life at SACS with more than 200 boys learning to play an instrument and as many in our choirs. We have a Junior, Intermediate, Concert and Jazz Band and a Junior, Senior and Chamber Choir.


All boys in Grades Two and Three are auditioned for placement in the Junior Choir at the start of each year.  Rehearsals are on a Monday and Wednesday from 07:30 to 08:00.  All Grade Fours as well as new or interested boys are auditioned at the start of each year for placement in the Senior (unison) or Chamber (parts) Choirs.  Rehearsals are during the SURE period on a Tuesday and Thursday from 10:10 to 10:40.

Instrumental Tuition

Applications may be submitted throughout the year for tuition in the following year. Applicants are assessed at the beginning of each year. As a learner would need to leave a normal classroom lesson in order to attend a music lesson, he would need to be in a position to independently catch up on or complete the work done while he is at his music lesson. An applicant’s suitability is also therefore done in conjunction with his academic teachers. Those who apply after the first Friday of each year will be placed on a waiting list and undergo an aptitude test should a vacancy arise. Applicants remain on our database until placed and roll over annually, i.e. you do not need to reapply each year.

The Foundation Phase Music Development Programme runs for Grade Two and Three. Applications for tuition close on the first Friday of the year. Preference is given to applicants in Grade Three. Those who are accepted receive one recorder lesson in a small group during the school day once a week until the end of Grade Three. This programme teaches the basics of reading notation and playing. It gives the boys an opportunity to discover if playing an instrument is something they would like to invest time and effort in. At the end of their Grade Three year, we encourage pupils who have shown diligent application and progress to move on to another instrument in Grade Four (see list of instruments offered below). Participation in this programme is not essential to acceptance at Grade Four level.

Individual piano lessons are offered to suitable applicants from Grade Three onwards and drum lessons from Grade Four onwards. We do not recommend that boys learn two instruments, especially at a young age.  It is our experience that it is best to devote 100% of available time and energy to only one instrument and once a higher level of skill and technique has been achieved, to only then consider the feasibility of tuition on another instrument (Grade Six/Seven level).  We will give preference to applicants who study only one instrument.  This includes tuition outside of the SACS environment.

From Grade Four onwards, pupils who are accepted into the Instrumental Programme will have an individual lesson once a week. Theory instruction is included in these lessons. After a term, the wind players who are ready join the Junior Band. Thereafter they will be promoted to the Intermediate Band.  Placement in the Concert and Jazz Bands is on merit by audition and at the sole discretion of the Music Teachers.  Instruments may be hired from the school for an initial period of a year. After this time, parents are encouraged to purchase an instrument once their son has established himself so that instruments are available for the next year of new players.

Music at SACS is an extracurricular activity and music fees, including band levies and instrument hire, are not covered by any exemption from school fees that may be applied in terms of legislation. Therefore only learners whose school fees are up-to-date and paid in full will qualify to take music lessons. Any defaulting on fee payment whilst participating in the music programme will result in exclusion from the programme.

Monthly fees for 2018 are as follows:

  • Group tuition (recorder): R162
  • Individual tuition: R382
  • Instrument hire: R216
  • Band levy: R  76

Fees are debited, once applicable, monthly (from February to November) to your school fee account.

Band practices are from 07:25 to 07:55 as follows:

Application forms are available from the Office.

Members of the music staff are as follows:

  • Reon Jacobs: Head of Department, Piano, Keyboard, Senior Choir, Concert Band, Jazz Band
  • Karen Hess: Tuba, Euphonium, Trombone, Trumpet, French Horn, Intermediate Band
  • Gemma McKinlay: Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute, Senior Choir, Concert Band
  • Bev Bownes: Class Music Gr.1-3, Development Programme/Recorder,Junior and Chamber Choirs, Junior Band
  • Lyn Eastman: Class Music Gr.4–7, Marimba Group, Djembe Group
  • Justin Bellairs: Saxophone, Clarinet
  • Derek Fennell: Flute
  • Devin Jones: Drums





Members of the music staff are as follows:

Reon Jacobs            Head of Department, Piano, Keyboard, Senior Choir, Concert                                Band, Jazz Band

Karen Hess              Tuba, Euphonium, Trombone, Trumpet, French Horn,                                     Intermediate Band

Gemma McKinlay     Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute, Senior Choir, Concert Band

Bev Bownes             Class Music Gr.1-3, Development Programme/Recorder,

Junior and Chamber Choirs, Junior Band

Lyn Eastman            Class Music Gr.4–7, Marimba Group, Djembe Group

Justin Bellairs           Saxophone, Clarinet

Derek Fennell           Flute

Devin Jones             Drums