SACS Opportunity Fund

SACS Junior School is committed to transforming to a balanced racial demographic within our school.  The Opportunity Fund aims to offer at least one place per year to a deserving boy from a disadvantaged background, whose family would otherwise be unable to afford a SACS education.

The fund currently provides financial and administrative support to 24 boys at the School. Our first five Opportunity Funded candidates completed their Junior School career successfully and have settled in very well at SACS High School. Each year the Fund receives significant contributions from individuals and corporations alike.

We are always extremely grateful for any donation to the Opportunity Fund, no matter how small. For example, a debit order of R100 a month helps us to provide a daily Tuck Shop meal to some of our bursary holders.  These financial contributions, along with the existing Bursary Fund and the support from the PTA, go towards the following:

  • School fees
  • Academic Support
  • Uniform: We will be able to kit out our current bursary holders with uniforms and/or sports kit where necessary. This is something which gives them a great sense of pride and belonging.
  • Swimming lessons if required
  • Transport to and from school and sporting events
  • Camps:  The Grade Five boys attend a 2 day outing in the first term. The Grade Six boys go on a three-day camp in the first term and the Grade Seven boys go to Durban for a week in the second term. The fees for these camps are not included in the annual school fees.

Apart from financial support, the School also offers its counselling services to the bursary holders and their families. The School Psychologist, meets with the boys on a regular basis to assist them and their families with the adjustment to the new environment. The SACS Education Support Unit also monitors each boy’s academic, social and emotional well-being on a continuous basis. An Opportunity Fund coordinator assists with the day-to-day needs of the boys and parents.

In 2017 SACS alumnus, Richard Hugo-Hamman (1962 -1971), endowed 13 full scholarships to enable boys from disadvantaged or, less privileged circumstances to attend SACS.   The Hugo-Hamman Foundation provides scholarship support to 8 learners in the Junior School and 5 in the High School.  The scholarships are intended to support the learners education at SACS from Grade R through to matric.  Whilst the first goal is to provide a top level, value driven education to boys who could not otherwise afford it,  the Foundation also recognises the need for increasing diversity at SACS.  Thus the Hugo-Hamman Scholarships are available to boys who are in terms of current definitions black, or whose parents define themselves as either African or Coloured, or more generally, “people of colour”.  The directors hope that from the ranks of Hugo-Hamman Foundation scholars will emerge new generations of young, capable, leaders inspired to play their role in the further development of our country.

Applications for bursaries may be made and will be considered based on whether further funding has been made available to the School. 

All Opportunity Fund managed scholarships are allocated on the basis of availability, merit and financial need.

For Scholarship application queries and forms please email