Physical Education

The emphasis in Physical Education at SACS falls not only on active participation, but also on the science of movement.  Particularly in Grades 1 – 4, the boys are encouraged to analyse movement in order to gain greater insight.  A key role of the Physical Education in the Foundation Phase is enjoyment.  Across the phases, the programme has been developed to ensure that boys of all abilities are able to learn while having fun and the subject is popular as a result.  As the boys learn to manage their bodies in a variety of activities – swimming, athletics, fitness, games, gymnastics and creative and traditional movement – so they become better able to understand and apply physical concepts and principles to specific situations.

Research ratifies the relationship between good movement and academic progress.  Many remedial activities involve coordination, balance, agility and spatial awareness – all areas of movement explored in the Physical Education programme at SACS.  This relevance is one of the primary aims of the Physical Education Department and teachers as we work to help each boy to enjoy themselves as they strive to reach their physical potential.