Spectemur Agendo

SACS Junior School has a proud history of providing its learners with a dynamic all-round education that serves as an excellent platform for future success at high school. We are committed to sustaining a strong culture of learning within a values-based boys’ schooling ethos.  Since 1829, every boy who has passed through our gates has been afforded the opportunity to grow and excel within a warm, nurturing environment.

SACS boasts a staff of highly competent, committed and approachable teachers who have each boy’s welfare at heart.  Excellent resources that include a modern multi-media library, specialised remedial and enrichment departments and a full-time educational psychologist, complement the proficiency of the teaching staff.

The academic growth and emotional development of our learners serves as our primary focus. Stimulating independent thinking, collaborative enquiry and intellectual curiosity among the boys forms part of a full curriculum that is also designed to foster cultural awareness, match a love of sport with that of music and the arts and promote individuality together with a sense of social responsibility. SACS is an active campaigner for environmental issues and encourages sound recycling practices within the greater school community and beyond. Our school is the proud recipient of the International Green Flag, having first been awarded the Green Flag in 2008.

From their first year at the school, all SACS boys are presented with opportunities to discover their potential. Junior, senior and chamber choirs and concert and jazz bands as well as a popular fencing club are indications of the depth of the SACS Programme.  An extraordinary range of facilities and picturesque grounds further encourage the boys to become actively involved in school life.

School spirit is strong at SACS and is shared not only among the boys, but also by the staff and parents.  The SACS Junior School family is an active, vibrant community that provides an encouraging and supportive environment in which the boys can flourish.

“Spectemur agendo”
Let us be judged by our actions – a motto for our boys to live by.