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Since 1829, every boy who has passed through our gates has been afforded the opportunity to grow and excel within a warm, nurturing environment. SACS aims to challenge students to develop the best version of themselves, for themselves, and for others. We are committed to sustaining a strong culture of learning within a values-based boys’ schooling ethos. We aspire to foster knowledge and goodness.

SACS is a centre of excellence, promoting critical thinking and social responsibility. SACS is committed to nurturing a diverse, inclusive community that encourages students to respect, inspire and learn from one another.

We are a school with a passionate, active community of learners, teachers, parents, alumni and SACS friends – a community that we call The S.A.C. (SACS Alumni and Community).

SACS is built on four pillars of excellence:

These four pillars provide the opportunity to develop well-rounded and balanced young men with strong values, who will make their families, friends, school and community proud.

From their first year at the school, all SACS boys are presented with opportunities to discover their potential. Junior, senior and chamber choirs and concert and jazz bands as well as a popular fencing club are indications of the depth of the SACS Programme.  An extraordinary range of facilities and picturesque grounds further encourage the boys to become actively involved in school life.

School spirit is strong at SACS and is shared not only among the boys, but also by the staff and parents.  The SACS Junior School family is an active, vibrant community that provides an encouraging and supportive environment in which the boys can flourish.

2024 Focus Poster

Like the distinct swirls of a thumbprint, Celebrating Individuality Together focusses on recognising the unique imprints each person leaves on the canvas of our collective journey. Just as no two thumbprints are alike, our diverse qualities become the intricate marks that shape a tapestry of unity, celebrating the beauty in our differences.



Our Headmaster

Our hope at SACS is to nurture boys into young gentlemen who will go on to be respectful, successful and impactful South African men.

Our boys are encouraged to immerse themselves across the four SACS pillars of Social, Academic, Culture and Sport. We believe that a balanced and well-rounded education creates a space where boys can strive for excellence; whilst growing within themselves.  School is a journey as much about self-discovery as it is about intellectual growth, where the interactions with classmates, teammates and peers is a crucial learning opportunity. These relationship skills will allow our boys to successfully find the space within future communities and have a marked impact upon them.

Our learning process is based on a strong values system and incorporates the Habits of Mind and Thinking Schools pedagogy. The boys are constantly encouraged to reflect and review their learning processes.  With a comprehensive coding and robotics program, as well as extensive technology integration into the curriculum, we strive to equip our boys with 21st century skills required to make a successful transition to high school and beyond.

By creating an atmosphere of pride, passion and respect; guided by outstanding staff; in the incredible setting under Table Mountain, we hope that every boy at SACS will find his niche and develop to his full potential.

Gary Skeeles
Junior School Headmaster

“Spectemur agendo”

Let us be judged by our actions – a motto for our boys to live by.

SACS Junior School’s Headmaster is Mr Gary Skeeles. Mr Skeeles joined SACS in October 2021. He was previously the headmaster of Rhenish Primary School in Stellenbosch for six years, and prior to that, a deputy and acting head at WPPS (Wetpups) in Claremont, Cape Town.
Mr Skeeles is delighted to be back schooling boys. As a father of three boys, he is passionate about raising gentlemen who will be the future custodians of their communities.

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