At SACS, we are committed to providing our learners with a well-rounded education that goes beyond the classroom. Our extensive range of facilities are designed to support the holistic development of every boy at our school. From sports and recreation to innovation and knowledge, we’ve got it all.

Aquatic Centre

Our Aquatic Centre, featuring two heated swimming pools, Home and Visitor changing rooms, and the popular Snack Shack is our dedicated area for Water Polo and Swimming practices and matches, and is also well utilised during the summer terms by the Physical Education Department.

Art Rooms

We take pride in our dedicated art spaces—a Junior Art Room and a Senior Art Room. These purposefully designed rooms serve as dynamic hubs for artistic expression, fostering a conducive environment for our budding artists to explore their creativity. The Junior Art Room caters to the Foundation Phase learners, providing age-appropriate materials and tools, while the Senior Art Room offers a more advanced setting for Intermediate and Senior Phase learners to delve into more complex artistic endeavours.


Our Auditorium is a space where creativity and expression take centre stage. It provides the perfect space for musical practices and performances as well as guest speaker events.

Band Room

The SACS Junior School Band Room is a dynamic space where creativity and passion converge. Equipped for various instruments and group sizes, it hosts bands, lessons, rehearsals, performances, and workshops. More than a room, it’s a safe haven for boys to express themselves through diverse sounds. Integral to the SACS music program, this space cultivates skills, appreciation, and pure enjoyment of music.

Cricket Nets and Pitches

Our Cricket enthusiasts perfect their skills in our nets and on our pitches which provide a safe and conducive environment for practices and matches.

The Francois Nel Innovation Centre

The Innovation Centre is a hub of knowledge and creativity. It consists of two modern computer labs and a well-stocked library. The computer labs are equipped with the latest technology and software to support research and project work. Our library houses an extensive collection of books, making it the ideal place for quiet study, research, and exploration.

We take pride in offering these outstanding facilities to enhance the learning and recreational experiences of our boys. At SACS, we believe that a diverse range of facilities is essential in nurturing well-rounded individuals who can excel in both academic and extracurricular pursuits.

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Gym Hall

For our boys who love staying active, our Gym Hall is the place to be. Equipped with exercise equipment and climbing walls. It is also a versatile space that is used as a venue used for Fencing Club and Table Tennis.

Hockey Astro

Our top-notch Hockey Astro is a dream come true for budding hockey players, offering a fantastic playing and training experience. We share this facility with the High School.

Jungle Gyms and Designated Play Areas

We prioritise playtime for our younger boys with designated jungle gyms and play areas for each Grade.

Music Teaching Rooms

SACS has five spacious music teaching rooms, each equipped to facilitate a conducive learning environment. Our experienced teachers are all committed to nurturing musical talents and fostering a deep appreciation for the art.

Rugby Fields

Rugby is a cherished sport at SACS, and our well-maintained Rugby fields are where our teams train and compete during the winter terms.

School Hall

Our School Hall is the heart of our campus. It is where we come together as a community for assemblies, meetings, and special events. It’s also a versatile space that can be adapted for various functions, from art exhibitions to school plays.

Stuart Anderson Sports Pavilion

With views of the lush green grass and majestic mountain, The Stuart Anderson Sports Pavilion is a popular space for our field sports’ spectators and players year round.


Our Tuckshop sells delicious and nutritious snacks and meals to our boys and staff during break times. Run by the PTA, it is also operational, and a popular stop for an egg roll and coffee, on rugby Saturdays during the winter terms.

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