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Please consider supporting SACS. With your help, we can build the most impactful school for South Africa, together.

In 2029, SACS will turn 200 years old. For the past two centuries SACS has been one of the leading schools in Cape Town and South Africa. This is a remarkable achievement and re-emphasises the legacy we have inherited and that we are entrusted to continue. SACS seeks to promote excellence through providing a balanced education, upholding high moral values, maintaining world class facilities and embracing diversity. As we now plan for the future, we have begun to look for ways to continue to provide world-class education to future generations of SACS men.

The SACS Endowment Trust was established in 2021 with the goal of ensuring SACS remains impactful regardless of continued funding pressures. A strong endowment will serve as an enormous stabiliser and supporter of the school and its various projects. It will ensure that SACS continues to produce young gentlemen who, through their thoughts and actions, thrive in a transformed environment of excellence and ultimately make a lasting contribution to South Africa.

The success of the SACS Endowment Trust and the future of our school will be largely dependent on our ability to come together as a community to support ‘SACS 200′, our bicentennial anniversary. The SACS Endowment Trust invites alumni, past and present parents, NGOs, foundations and corporates to support the Trust. A strong endowment will ensure that our high standards can be maintained and improved so that SACS remains competitive and provides an ongoing example of what is possible in education in South Africa.

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