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At SACS Junior School, we believe it is our duty to equip our learners with the knowledge and skills to responsibly manage our country’s precious resources. Our Environmental Policy is built on taking action and aims to foster a life ethic that values both people and the natural environment. Through this approach, we strive to cultivate good habits and promote responsible behaviour patterns as the foundation for sustainable living. We integrate environmental learning and action throughout all phases of our school curriculum.

Our goal is to provide learners with a deeper understanding of natural and human systems through immersive environmental experiences that engage their senses, emotions, and critical thinking.

SACS Junior remains fully committed to ensuring the long-term success of our environmental learning and action efforts, integrating them into the very fabric of our school management. We believe that by maintaining and caring for our school environment, we set an example for our boys, teaching them to respect and appreciate their surroundings. Our Curriculum Plan focuses on four key areas: resource use (with recycling as a continuous theme), biodiversity (greening initiatives), local and global issues (water conservation), and healthy living (outreach programs). SACS has an on-going green project. Of the allocated budget of R3.4 million for green projects at SACS Junior, we have already spent R1,236,735.

Our commitment to green initiatives remains steadfast, and we will continue to implement environmentally friendly projects in a phased approach.

Exciting green initiatives currently on-the-go include:

Solar Array Installation

We have successfully completed the installation of solar panels on the roof of the Junior School. This sustainable energy source now provides approximately 65% of our school building’s energy requirements, resulting in a significant reduction of nearly 12 000 kg of CO2 emissions and saving 400 trees per year. The staff, parents, and students are thrilled about this achievement.

Phase two of the installation, with a solar array being installed at De Villiers House and the pool area, was completed in November 2023. We’re looking forward to this contributing a further 100 MW of green energy to the school per year.

Battery Back-Up at the Junior School

We have successfully installed an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system at the Junior School. This system ensures that essential lights, servers and the entire admin block remain operational during load shedding. Thanks to this innovation, teaching continues almost seamlessly for the majority of classes, and important events like prize giving can take place without interruptions. The batteries are charged using solar power during the day.

Pool Cover

Since 2022, we have been using pool covers, which have proven to be incredibly effective in reducing pool heating and water usage.

Grade 7 Spekboom Project

At SACS, the spirit of legacy-building intertwines with a commitment to the environment. The Grade 7 Class of ’23 at SACS Junior is set on leaving an enduring mark, not just in the corridors but in the very soil of the school. As the inaugural Grade N class embarks on their journey in 2024, the Grade 7’s aim to sow the seeds of sustainability by planting 105 spekboom in the Grade N garden.

This resilient succulent, symbolic of growth and environmental resilience, mirrors the aspirations of these students – a collective gift, each plant representing a dream for a greener, more hopeful future. Beyond a simple act of planting, it’s a lesson in nurturing, a tangible pledge to care for our planet. The Grade 7s are not just gifting a plant; they’re fostering the ethos of environmental stewardship in the hearts and minds of the leaders of tomorrow.

Future Plans

Our future plans include utilising other roof spaces at the school for further solar panel arrays as well as replacing halide lights around the school campus.

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