At SACS, we believe that art is not just a subject; it’s a gateway to boundless fun, creativity, and self-expression for our young boys. Through a vibrant spectrum of artistic activities, we encourage our students to explore their imaginative worlds and bring their unique visions to life. Whether it’s painting, drawing, or experimenting with various materials, our curriculum offers a diverse array of art forms that ignite their passion and help them develop essential life skills.

Art fosters creativity, teaching our boys to think outside the box and solve problems innovatively. It nurtures self-expression, allowing them to convey emotions and thoughts that words alone cannot capture. At SACS, we understand the importance of nurturing these artistic talents in our young learners, setting them on a path of joy, personal growth, and limitless possibilities.

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Chess is an extramural activity offered during the winter terms at SACS Junior. It is a discipline in which competition is based not on age groups but on ability. All boys from Grade 3 to Grade 7 who are capable of playing chess are welcome to join. Our league includes several schools in the area. We play matches on Friday afternoons and also have fun mini-tournaments during the season. We are fortunate to have experienced coaches who can assist the boys in improving their games.

Chess is a game of strategy that encourages and enhances a player’s concentration. It has been proven that playing chess may have a significant positive effect on success in mathematics – a compelling reason for your son to consider playing chess at school or at home!

Over the years, SACS Junior has been proud to produce a number of South African chess champions.

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SACS Junior’s very own Cub Pack – 3rd Claremont (SACS) Dawn Hunters. We are a traditional Cub Pack that was started in the 1950’s by a former headmaster, Mr Stanley Hunter. Everyone who belongs to the group has connections with SACS and in 2023 we introduced girls, who are siblings of the SACS boys, thereby maintaining the school link.

Cubs is an enrichment programme that in a diverse ways, supports the boys’ academic studies, as well as building valuable life-skills beyond the school programme. The emphasis is on “Learning the Play Way”, with lots of various games to reinforce the learning. Cubs join at the age of seven and leave at eleven years of age when they can progress to Scouts and beyond within the Worldwide Movement.

Meetings are held during Term time on Tuesdays from 17:30 – 19:00 at the “Simba Owen” Hall in Greenford Road, just off Newlands Avenue. Fees are currently R200 per term.

Please contact Jackie Davies at for further information.

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Drama classes are available at SACS Junior as a private extramural activity. On Friday afternoons, Mrs Devine takes a small group of Grades 4, 5, 6 and 7 boys in the hall, teaching them the basic elements and principles of drama whilst having a lot of fun in a relaxed, friendly environment.

The benefits of drama classes are numerous although perhaps most importantly in the school setting, drama can improve speech, social skills and self confidence. Boys do not need experience in drama in order to join the club, just enthusiasm!


The Fencing Club thrives on a strong club culture where the team is paramount.  Working together is essential in creating an environment conducive for training.

Fencing is a unique sport; a martial art and a science that provides serious physical, psychological and emotional challenges.  Each week boys train in the gym hall as part of this team.

On demonstrating a grasp of fundamental techniques and sufficient maturity to handle a competitive situation, learners are awarded the rank of “scholar”.  They can then participate in the “Scholar Challenge” – inter-club individual competitions held on Saturdays.  Although informal, the structure of these events is designed to develop competitive fencers.

Success at these events enables learners to progress through the ranks to Free-Scholar and to Provost.  Free-Scholars are invited to our formal series of competitions, the En Garde league.  On reaching Provost, fencers are eligible for participation in Western Province tournaments.

“Historical European Martial Arts”
After the sports fencing program is complete for the year, we touch on some form of “historical” fencing, such as longsword or rapier.  This forms the foundation of “theatrical” fencing – choreographed fighting used in short sketches which the boys perform.

There are a number of boys who have the potential to achieve extraordinary things in fencing, but it does require exceptional commitment.  To go beyond the “ordinary” is a step that only the fencer himself can take.  “Talent” plays only a small part of success; it is all about attitude!

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General Knowledge

“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles with it.” – Winston Churchill

The General Knowledge Club attracts learners who have a passion for discovering more about the ‘mysterious details’ characterising our ever-shrinking global village. Comprising boys in Grades 4-7, the group meets twice a week to expand their knowledge base. They are encouraged to explore a wide variety of information sources, from newspapers, books, and encyclopedias to the internet. Board games and online quiz challenges provide the boys with a highly stimulating and enjoyable way to learn.

The highlight for each boy is the opportunity to participate in the annual Interschools General Knowledge Quiz Competition. This competition draws primary schools from across the Peninsula and consists of three rounds, with the final round featuring the top 10 schools in the competition. In preparation, the boys are encouraged to develop specific areas of expertise and then share their knowledge content with others in the group. This helps the GK Team to cover a much wider range of possible categories.


The GK Club also offers our learners the opportunity to actively engage with the world around them through critical discussion and debate as they learn to apply their knowledge in various contexts.

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Djembe Group

Each boy is introduced to djembe drum playing as part of their Grade 3 Class Music programme. Thereafter, a dedicated group of boys meets at break time to participate in more advanced rhythms and the joy of polyrhythmic ensemble experience.


Although Judo is a Japanese martial art, it is also a competitive sport that focuses on throws and grappling techniques at the primary school age.

It is an excellent sport for children as it helps develop physical strength, coordination, balance, and flexibility. Additionally, it imparts important life skills such as discipline, respect, and perseverance.

Judo is a fantastic activity for promoting positive social interactions and sportsmanship among children.

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Madrassah is offered for our Muslim learners to delve into the rich tapestry of Islamic knowledge and spirituality. Madrassah is a space in which our learners deepen their understanding of their faith, guided by the principles of discipline, respect, and moral integrity. In this nurturing environment, they engage in discussions, memorise sacred verses, and explore the teachings of Prophet Muhammad. The Madrassah class not only imparts knowledge but also fosters a sense of community and camaraderie among our Muslim learners.


Marimba is offered as an extra mural where boys can experience pattern playing and the enjoyment of playing in a group. Emphasis is on steady rhythm and learning to listen to how the sounds blend together.

Both Marimba and Djembe give the opportunity for all boys to participate in playing a musical instrument and the teamwork aspect of group playing, even if they are not part of the formal Music department programme.

isiXhosa Cultural Conversation Club

Through storytelling and traditional activities, we provide an Isixhosa cultural experience. The Isixhosa Club is about celebrating our African cultural heritage. The boys can anticipate engaging afternoons filled with entertainment, games, music, dance, and sensory cultural experiences.

Robotics - Club Electron

At Club Electron, Grade 6s and 7s embark on an exciting exploration of electronics and Arduino robotics, harnessing the power of C++ programming to bring their creations to life. Guided by seasoned mentors, students progress from basic coding to mastering the intricacies of C++, unlocking its potential to control electronic components.

The curriculum seamlessly blends theory with hands-on experience, ensuring that each concept is not just comprehended but applied in practical projects. From grasping the fundamentals of variables and loops to navigating the complexities of functions and conditional statements, young technologists build a robust foundation in coding.

The centerpiece of the extramural is Arduino robotics, where students use their coding skills to animate electrical projects. Engaging in projects such as crafting autonomous robots, designing interactive gadgets, and creating sensor-based systems, they solidify their theoretical knowledge while honing problem-solving skills and fostering creativity. As they code, debug, and iterate, students not only develop technical proficiency but also cultivate a passion for innovation and a lasting appreciation for the boundless possibilities that technology unlocks.

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While SACS Junior does not offer sailing as an extramural activity, several boys each year learn to sail through one of the ‘Learn to Sail’ programs at either Zeekoevlei or MAC (Milnerton Aquatic Club) and express interest in participating in the annual Inter-Schools Sailing Regatta. They typically learn to sail on a type of dinghy known as an ‘Optimist,’ and for many of our boys, the annual schools regatta serves as their first exposure to competitive sailing. Consider enrolling your son in a sailing program at MAC; the coaches there are exceptional! Any SACS boy who can sail and has access to a boat is eligible to enter the Inter-schools regatta and represent SACS.

Scripture Union

Scripture Union serves as a dynamic and inclusive community where our Christian learners come together to explore and deepen their understanding of their faith. Rooted in the principles of fellowship, prayer, and biblical study, Scripture Union provides a supportive space for spiritual growth. Learners engage in discussions, reflections, and activities that encourage a meaningful connection with their beliefs. Led by dedicated leaders and volunteers, the union fosters a sense of unity and compassion among our Christian members.

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