100 teaching and support staff members | 832 boys

The school boasts a staff of highly competent, committed and approachable teachers who have each boy’s welfare at heart. Our wide range of excellent resources include a modern multi-media library and innovation centre, specialised remedial and enrichment departments and two full-time counsellors, all of which complement the proficiency of the teaching staff.

The academic growth and emotional development of our boys serves as our primary focus. Stimulating independent thinking, collaborative enquiry and intellectual curiosity amongst the boys forms part of a full curriculum that is also designed to foster service. A healthy balance between the four pillars of Social, Academic, Culture and Sport is a crucial part of our philosophy of raising well-rounded young gentlemen who can find and foster their passion in a range of opportunities.

Across both schools, 68% of the SACS’ staff are employed by each school’s governing body, with just 32% of teachers and support staff paid for by the WCED.

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Abe Louis
Adrienne Mullins
Agnes Van Niekerk
Alicia Burmeister
Amy Allan
Andy Kirsten
Aneeqah Adams
Ashlyn Wagner
Astara Pheiffer
Astrid Hoare
Beryl Townsend
Carmen Meyer
Carol-Ann Gilbert
Catherine Hare
Chantal Tarentaal
Chris Simayi
Colleen Reaper
Collette Godfrey
Damian Cornelius
Danyal Salie
Deon Jurgens
Desailly Otieno
Deslie Acton
Diana Grant
Emily Loizides
Eness Munthali
Gaby Strano
Gareth Evans
Gary Skeeles
Gemma Bellairs
Jade Sassman
Jan Wares
Jannine Smit
Jayson Edwards
Jean Viviers
Jennifer Walton
Jess Smith
Jo Ashwell
Jo Wilson
Karen Hess
Kelley-Beth Oliphant
Kevin Ervens
Kirsten Marshall
Lance Thuynsma
Lezel McCrae
Lyn Eastman
Lynne MacNeill
Lynne Roscoe
Maree Jacobs
Margot Nadasen
Maria Rousseau
Marie Ferrandi
Meghan Maartens
Nadia Gwampi
Nic Holm
Nokulunga Mvandaba
Nomsa Ngqase
Nontombi Matu
Oliver Steynor
Rafiekah Adams
Reon Jacobs
Ronell Pienaar
Ronelle Allewell
Rory Woodman
Sabrina Stammers
Sally James
Sam Day
Samantha September
Saranne Salmon
SACS Uniform Shop
Siyolise Mjali
Stephne Keulder
Sue Defty
Sue Devine
Suzanne Lucas
Tina Adams
Tracey-Ann Maynard
Tracey Mouton
Tracy Visser
Tuckshop SACS
Ulrich Snyder
Yolande Latsky
Zayaan Dollie

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Dean Street, Newlands
Cape Town

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SACS Junior School Private Bag X3

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021 689 4001

021 686 6027

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021 689 8779

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