Intermediate and Senior Phase

The Intermediate Phase, spanning Grades 4-6, marks a crucial period during which learners transition from foundational learning to a more application-oriented approach. Teaching, learning, and assessment are largely guided by the Thinking Schools approach and Bloom’s Taxonomy learning objectives. Aligned with the National Curriculum Statement, SACS not only ensures a strong emphasis on the core subjects (English, Afrikaans, and Mathematics) but also introduces additional subjects to enrich the educational experience. In this phase, learners delve into Technology, Natural Science, and the Social Sciences (History and Geography). Coding and Robotics, Music, Art, Xhosa, and Physical Education continue to emphasize the importance of the holistic development of our learners.

One notable aspect of SACS’s educational philosophy is its commitment to IT integration. Recognising the significance of technology in the contemporary landscape, SACS ensures that learners in the Intermediate Phase are not just consumers but adept users of technology. This integration goes beyond mere exposure, aiming to equip them with the skills needed to thrive in a digitally-driven society.

The Senior Phase begins in Grade 7, and this pivotal period informs choices and facilitates independent learning. In addition to the core subjects, the Senior Phase introduces Economic and Management Sciences (EMS), a hands-on discipline that provides learners with entrepreneurial expertise, financial literacy, and practical life skills, fostering both personal growth and community development.

Throughout both phases, SACS remains dedicated to creating an educational environment that not only imparts knowledge but also cultivates critical thinking, curiosity, and adaptability. As SACS continues to uphold its commitment to excellence, the Intermediate and Senior Phases stand as a testament to the school’s holistic and forward-thinking approach to education.

Sports Tours

Touring plays a significant role in the education of SACS boys. Such is the value of touring that each boy’s junior school career culminates in a Grade 7 tour to Kwa-Zulu Natal. All 100 boys in the Grade are rewarded for their commitment to the school by being provided the opportunity to play sport and explore the “Kingdom of the Zulus” over the course of a week.  The boys are hosted by Durban Prep parents and we reciprocate in the third term each year, hosting 120 boys from Durban.

Our u13A cricket and hockey teams participate annually in the Cape Schools Week with the tournament hosted each year by either a Western Cape or Eastern Cape school. These tours serve to facilitate team bonding and cultivate the team spirit for which SACS sport is renowned.

Every October, SACS hosts the biggest junior water polo tournament in South Africa, with 28 teams from around the country participating.  Our u13A waterpolo team also enters the Grey PE Festival each year.

SACS also regularly hosts overseas touring teams and through these tours and the games played, many friendships have been formed over the years.

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